17 Ways To Save Money At Whole Foods

If you’re looking for ways to save BIG on your next grocery run to Whole Foods, check out my simple $$ money-saving tips below before you head out. 

It really doesn’t have to be a trip that’ll cost you your “Whole Paycheck” as you’ve probably heard in the past.

These tips can make a HUGE impact on your wallet — for the good!

And if you’ve got your own money-saving tips, please share them in the comments below. 


17 Money Saving Tips to Whole Foods Market

1 Let the sales determine what you make. When you’re at the store, check out what’s on sale and let those savings guide you. More often than not, items that are on sale are local, in season and the freshest you can find. So it’s better for you and saves your hard-earned cash.  Try using a “loose” list  instead of a super firm one to save $.


2 Shop what’s in season – as much as possible. In season produce tastes better, has more nutrients, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg from being flown halfway across the country (or world)! Check out the Seasonal Food Guide to find out what’s in season (aka the freshest produce) in your neck of the woods and try sticking to those. Don’t buy strawberries in January or apples in May. 


3 Look for the bulk bins. Bulk bins are where it’s at! You can grab nuts, dried beans, flour, oats, rice, and other goodies and they store incredibly well. And it keeps you from buying huge bags that might go to waste.

WFM BulkPhoto credit – Whole Foods Market

4 Buy only what you need. Shopping in the bulk bins are GREAT for this one. When you’re trying to save $, only buy what you need so it a) doesn’t go to waste or b) ends up in the trash because it got lost in the depths of your fridge or pantry. Recipe calling for a small amount like a 1/4 cup? Just buy what you need so the extra doesn’t go to waste. This works great for spices, too.


5 Mason Jars Rule! Store all your bulk bin finds in glass containers (I’m all about my mason jars), but old pickle, salsa, mayo, and tomato jars with a lid work great. Be sure to store your goodies in jars in the best possible storage area (nuts and flours in freezer, dried beans in pantry, etc.). But, be sure jars are freezer safe. Otherwise use another bag/container.

RMK Mason Jars

6 Never shop while hungry. Skip the pricey impulse buys and go shopping on a full belly!


7 Check out the frozen section. Of course, most of the time fresh is best, but when you’re looking to save money, take a stroll in the frozen section to see what’s on sale. And, I’m not talking frozen pizzas. ;) I’m talking things like frozen fruit, veggies, or protein. You can’t beat a pound of frozen spinach for like $2! You can make green smoothies, add to soups, stews and meals in a pinch to bump up the green factor. 


8 Use the app. I’m new to the WFM app, and what a time saver! Make a shopping list, see what’s on sale, look for recipes to inspire you, and let the money-saving app guide you on the possibilities of what to make with what’s on sale! :) 

WMF AppPhoto Credit – Whole Foods Market

9 Buy inexpensive cuts of meat. These are where it’s at when you’re on a budget. Inexpensive cuts of meat (think shoulder, butt, roasts, stew meat, etc.) are super economical and you get way more bang for your buck! Save the fancy, pricey cuts for special occasions. 


10 Bust out your slow cooker. This goes hand-in-hand with buying inexpensive cuts of meat. They love the low and slow action of the slow cooker. Plus, you can use up the leftovers for tons of meals throughout the week. Cook it once, use it multiple times! If you love your slow cooker as much as I do, go check out my digital cookbook, The Slow Cooker Movement. It’s got over 30 recipes, 4 weekly meal plans and shopping lists so you don’t have to “think” at the store. Hooray, easy! :)

RMK Slow Cooker IG Post


11 Feed a crowd! Or not. Big, inexpensive cuts of meat whipped up in the slow cooker are an incredibly economical way to feed a crowd or large family. OR, if you’re just a couple of people, they’re a great way to be resourceful. Got a huge roast chicken? Shred all the meat and make #rockinremixes all week long — make chicken soup, chicken taquitos or chicken salad. Plus, you can use the chicken bones and leftover kitchen scraps (ends of onions, carrots, celery, etc.) to make your own Chicken Stock. So good. 


12 Skip the prepared goods. Pre-packaged goods are convenient but most often cost you a pretty penny. Things like pre-made salads, prepared guacamole, dips, snack packs, etc. most always cost more than making your own.


13 Chop your own. Similar to prepared goods, you most always pay a premium when the store does the work for you. So, if you’re looking to save your dinero, skip the already chopped/peeled carrots, garlic, onions, brussels sprouts, butternut squash, etc. and chop/peel them up yourself. Of course it’ll take a few minutes of extra prep time but you’ll save $ by doing it yourself.

RMK Root VegetablesPhoto Credit Misha Hettie 

14 Get friendly! Make friends with the butchers or fish mongers and have them do all the hard or messy work for you! For example, skip the high priced boneless, skinless chicken breasts and buy a whole chicken and have the butcher cut it up for you! The fish monger can also fillet your fish, too. Be sure to give them a smile and say, “Thank you.” It’s amazing how a little friendless can go a long way. 


15 Make your own. This goes hand in hand with skipping prepared/pre-made items. When you make your own homemade versions, you most always save money. Remember, convenience = cost! Things like homemade soups, stews, dips, sauces, slaw, potato salad, pita chips, salads, popsicles, etc. the list goes on and on — if you make your own, you’re going to cut out the middle man and save your cash. Plus, you control the quality of ingredients when you make things yourself. It’s THE most cost-effective way to take back your health and really get a handle on your grocery bill. Plus, it’s a great way to involve your family and get kids excited about food and cooking! An incredible life lesson that’s taught by actually doing it! ;)

Rockin Moms Kitchen Strawberry Lemonade Ice PopsPhoto Credit Misha Hettie

16 Grab the ugly ducklings. Check out imperfect produce to save some cash. I’ve noticed big bags of onions that aren’t perfect but under $2 for a two pound bag. Who really cares about what it looks like since you’re peeling and chopping it up, anyway? I recently heard that 40% of the US produce is tossed because it doesn’t look perfect. That’s nuts! Do your part to save the planet and adopt the ugly duckling while fattening your wallet.


17 Keep your kids happy! If you’re lugging your kids out grocery shopping with you, chances are, you’re in a hurry. And quick shopping with children usually gets LOTS of unwanted items in the cart (from said kiddos). Or it’s just plain stressful. Ha! Welcome to the Whole Foods Kids Club! Every store offers up a selection of snacks or fresh fruit to snack on while you’re grocery shopping. It gives you a few extra minutes, plus keeps your kids from getting cranky or tossing in things you don’t need without your knowledge. Take the store up on this awesome free perk!  

Kids WFM RMK 1


As you can see, most of these tips can be used at any regular super market or specialty grocery store. So, wherever you shop, print out these tips before you go and try to keep your hard-earned money where it belongs — your wallet! ;)


Here’s 3 brand-spankin new recipes I created from working with all the FALL produce and items that were on sale at Whole Foods. Enjoy!

Simple One Pan Pork Chops

Simple Slow Cooker Cinnamon Applesauce

One Pot Chicken & Butternut Squash Curry



Blog Photo Cred – Whole Foods Market

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  • Lacy

    This is a great list of awesome tips! I don’t have any kids and usually still end up spending a ton at Whole Foods. I’m a sucker for all the yummy pre-made soups, salad and hot bar. I’m looking forward to our new store opening in WC and will definitely be using your tips the next time I’m at Whole Foods! ???

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