I want to live in a world where veggies are part
of the main stage and not just a sideshow.


Hi there! Welcome! I am so excited you are here and if you’re reading this – I know that you are tired of eating like junk and looking for easy and healthy ways to eat more fresh fruits and veggies.

I am a mama of 3, a food-lover and a hard-core veggie advocate. I Stand Up For Veggies. I’m here to show you how easy and simple it is to put together a fabulous tasting meal loaded with veggies that everyone will love. (Picky eaters included.) Come and join me. I’m gonna rock your world with my veggie skillz. :)

Do you or someone in your family struggle with eating fresh fruits and veggies or have “picky” eaters? Do you feel you should be eating healthier, but just don’t have the tools or even know where to begin? If that’s you—great. I can totally relate!

Growing up, boxed and processed foods were all too common. My family’s idea of “healthy” veggies usually consisted of canned green beans or mushy broccoli. Yuck! It wasn’t until my twenties that I learned I can eat raw kale. GASP! And now my kids are strong supporters and dare I say, kale-likers. Yes. My boys have gone into my veggie world and love homemade kale chips.

Stirring up kitchens to think outside the box ( or can! )
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Wanna rock out with me in the kitchen and see how we do it for real? We’ll jam in my kitchen, virtually of course, and I’ll show you how I make a meal from start to finish while using mass amounts of veggie skillz. You will have direct access into my kitchen to see how we roll. You'll be invited to pop open a beer or glass of wine with me and we'll connect to show you a rockin' veggie packed meal from start to finish. Q and A style. This is a 60 minute virtual cooking class to get you excited about veggies. I’ll prep a recipe on our stove or outdoor grill to teach you anything you need to know about good healthy food and most importantly have fun while doing it!
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"I always have big ambitions when I go to the farmer’s market, and then I come home frustrated asking myself “now how do I cook this veggie?!” Whenever I’m in a kitchen rut, I know I can turn to Rockin Moms Kitchen for quick, simple recipe ideas full of flavor. Shauna is the queen of making veggies taste so good! I seriously don’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen, but Shauna’s passion and positive energy always inspires me to get my butt back into the kitchen and just have fun."
- Jadah Sellner, Simple Green Smoothies

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We’ll connect for 90 minutes to get down and dirty - fast!
No bs approach to what’s keeping you stuck in your food rut. Do you have picky eaters in your house, are you strapped for time, or do you want meals that won't break the bank? I'll help you become confident in the kitchen and hear my tips on how we overcame the obstacles getting in our way of healthy eating. Get outta your funk now.
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