Become a Slow Cooker Ninja with these tips

If you’re thinkin’ that this chick is crazy if she really thinks we’re gonna bust out our old school slow cookers, well this one’s for you. 

And let me tell you, this ain’t yo granny’s slow cooker. I’m reviving the most amazing kitchen appliance with real, whole foods — no Campbells cream of mushroom soup or onion soup mixes. Gross! Nope, we’re bustin out healthy real food that’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you haven’t whipped out this bad boy sooner. 

Want to become your own Slow Cooker Ninja?

Check out these simple tips to getting the most outta this kitchen essential.

1. Choose the right cut – The slow cooker and inexpensive (aka tougher meats) are a match made in heaven. Of course, always choose grass fed and humanely raised when possible.

2. To brown or not to brown – Searing your meat in a hot pan with a little coconut or evoo (extra virgin olive oil) always adds in a ton of extra flavor to your final dish. Recommended but not required.

3. Trim excess fat – Trimming your roasts of the extra visible fat prevents your dish from being excessively greasy.

4. Be consistent – Try to chop your veggies roughly the same size so they’ll cook in the same amount of time.

5. No frozen meats – I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this one but with as many times as I’ve had food poisoning, I prefer to play this one safe. When frozen meats start to thaw and cook gently in the slow cooker, they hang out in the danger zone temperatures for too long which can cause bacteria to thrive.

6. Brighten it up – Slow cooked meals are great but sometimes they need a little burst of freshness from being cooked all day. Try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice or a nice hit of green with some fresh chopped parsley or chives.

7. Not too full – Give your meal some room to groove. Try to fill up the slow cooker no more than about ¾ full to let the machine do it’s thing.

8. No cream til the end – Adding whipping or coconut cream at the last half hour or so keeps the sauce or liquid nice and creamy and doesn’t dilute the flavor much.

9. Handle with care – Be kind to your slow cooker insert and wash it gently with warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Also, be gentle as the ceramic pots can crack easily.

10. No peeking – Don’t take off your slow cooker lid until the minimum time has passed. This keeps precious moisture inside the pot and doesn’t take hours longer to cook from the heat escaping.

Want to become your own kitchen ninja, check out the Slow Cooker Movement to help you whip up fast recipes that make your life EASY! 

Got any slow cooker tips of your own? POST them in the comments BELOW! 

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