Farmer’s Market Money Saving Tips

7 Tips on saving money and buying the BEST produce at your local farmers markets

1. Get there early (or late)

Getting to the market right when it opens gives you two things – best selection and beats the crowd. You probably won’t save money here but the quality of the produce is at its peak and won’t be picked through like if you wait until later in the day.

That being said, if you want to save some money, go about 30ish minutes before closing. The suppliers bring a ton of produce to each market with hopes of selling as much as they possibly can. They’d be happier to sell it at a reduced price then lug it back to the farm where it’ll likely spoil. In this case, ask for a deal.

2. Walk the market before you buy

Before you bust out your wallet, take a walk through the market to check out all the stands. Note the price for the items you regularly buy and see what looks the freshest. Then, head back to those to make your purchases.

3. Get to know your farmer

Introduce yourself and ask for their name! This is such a great way for you (and your kids) to get to know who is growing your food. We do this all the time and have gotten to know our berry, citrus and leafy greens farmers. They really think it’s cool that my 3 and 6 year olds know their name and the kids love asking Arturo which berries are the best that day! :)

4. Ask questions

Where does the food come from? What is used to combat pests? How far does the produce travel? Do they use fertilizers and chemical sprays?

Some people I’ve run into seem to make up things about their produce or they just don’t know. In that case, I simply skip them and go to the ones that can answer my questions without hesitation.

5. Carry your own bags

Forget the plastic stuff and save the planet by keeping your produce in your own reusable bags or cool handwoven baskets.

6. Be consistent

Show farmers you care by being a consistent supporter. Find the ones you like and stick with them. They will appreciate it and also probably end up giving you more produce or give you a break because they know you support them.

7. Ask for a deal when buying in bulk

If you’re buying 5 bunches of kale and two pounds of summer ripe tomatoes, ask them to hook you up. They might say no but what do you have to lose? It never hurts to ask.

Have any tips on saving money and getting the best produce at your farmers markets? Share with me below.

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