Simple self care tips for when shiz hits the fan

Are you feeling bogged down by your daily to-do’s?
And after committing 100% to all your responsibilities (kids, family, work, chores, errands), you feel depleted and have nothing left for yourself to give??

If you answered yes, you’re definitely not alone, Valued Tribe.

We just started our awesome new online support group for women called the Inner Workings Movement and the conversation is already getting real. 

It’s awesome!

The thing that keeps coming up is self care and how to find balance in the chaos and still try and get in “me” time.

Whether it be solo parenting, busy work schedule, moving, sports commitments or whatev.

Can you relate?

If so, try using a few of these next time you’re in emergency depleted mode. ;)


BE GRATEFUL – It’s soooo hard to be thankful for something when you’re going through a sh*tty time. If there’s one thing my mama taught me when I was younger, find the good in everything and everyone. It’s there. You might just have to look a little harder. 

BREATHE – Take 5 deep breaths in through the nose out through the mouth. Fill your belly and not your shoulders. Use a few drops of essential oils on your temples or shoulders if you’ve got those around. Like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint.

SHAKE IT – Whatever that looks like to you, dance, sing, scream into a pillow, kick a tree. Ha! 

PAUSE – Stop what you’re doing. Your to do list or your laundry will still be there. It’s okay to take a break and pause for a couple minutes to gather yourself. 

DO NOTHING – This is a biggie for so many ladies in my Inner Workings Membership. It’s the constant busy-ness we’re all surrounded and fill our lives with. I dare you to do nothing and see what comes up for you.  

ASK FOR HELP – Ask your partner or someone to help you out. It’s OKAY to tell people you’re not “just fine.” And tell them where you’re at. Find your people who you can trust so they can help you when you find the strength to reach out. This might be a tricky one and you need to know who you can go to when you’re in a sh*t storm and need a shoulder to lean on.

CALL A FRIEND – Or a sister or a close co-worker or someone you can trust. 

MOVE YOUR BODY – This is my personal fave but it’s for me and some might not like it. You can move your body in whatever way works best for you. Stretches, yoga, dancing, jumping jacks, burpees, lunges, running as fast as you can around the block. Do something to just get your mind out of the stress fight or flight mode and back into your body. 

ASK FOR GUIDANCE – Do you believe in a higher energy? If so, ask for support and strength to get you through whatever you’re going through. And listen.

HOT BOX – This one is for when you’ve got a few more minutes to yourself but if there’s something that I’ve learned since having kids, hot baths and showers make life just so much better. It’s like you can cry in there, soak it in, have a pity party and once you’re done, you have a refreshed sense of purpose. If you take a bath, don’t forget to add in epsom salts and essential oils.

CONNECT – Put your hand on your heart and take a peek at your surrounds. You are so much more than your circumstances. So take a look around and connect with all the beauty that surrounds you. 

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Recipes are here and the blog where we dive deep into fun topics like self care, momming hard and life events is here.

And if you’re craving connection and awesome conversation with like minded women who support you, get in on our Inner Workings Movement to be the first to know when we open the doors to the women-only membership soon. :)

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