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Switching from processed foods to wholesome, real food is hard. Trust me. I went from eating highly processed things like frozen dinners, Stove Top stuffing and sugar loaded cereals (things that probably should have had warning labels on them) to teaching myself and my family how to enjoy quality, real food made with fresh ingredients. People do a double take on the amounts of fruits and veggies we consume on a daily basis. So, I’ve included things that have changed my life (my slow cooker, my pantry essentials and my kitchen tools). These things have made my life with 3 boys easier and less stressed. I hope they help you out, too!

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Pantry Essentials

I’ve been on a mission for over six years searching high and low for quality, mostly organic foods that I keep in my kitchen pantry. I’ve found several key items that are easy to find and my family and I love. These are “essentials” for me, therefore I bulk up on them when they either go on sale or my Costco carries them. Here’s a few of my personal faves that I always keep on hand in my pantry (or fridge) that are must-haves in my kitchen.

Cooking Tools

With so many cooking “essentials” out there to buy, who’s to know what you absolutely need in the kitchen? Well, I’m a firm believer in buying high-quality items that make your life easier but that you don’t need every gadget under the sun. It’d cost a fortune and make for a cluttered kitchen. What I’ve learned over the past several years teaching myself how to cook is that there are 4 key items that you should invest in that’ll really make life in the kitchen a breeze — and fun! These are my absolute favorite brands and I use them everyday.

*Affiliate disclaimer* If you buy any of these products, I get a small commission. Please know I only recommend things I use and love. :)

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