Whip Up Dinner Hella Fast With These Simple Tips

Feeling like your busy weeknights are a big sh*tstorm with everyone’s schedules, appointments, work, errands and so on.

Look at the line for the drive-thru at dinnertime! No one wants to add one more thing to their day so they keep the fast food spots in business.

Wouldn’t it be so nice to only have to take a couple of minutes to get a really quick and easy dinner on the table?

And not have the stress that normally comes along with it?

Take a peek at these awesome tips and see just how easy getting a meal on the table can be.

Plus, it’s way healthier to cook at home and can even take less than that nasty drive thru that always leaves you with a stomach ache (and mom guilt)! ;)

 8 Tips To Whip Up Dinner Hella Fast (even on crazy busy nights!)


  • Use What Ya Got – Take a peek in the fridge and see what kinda leftovers you’ve got laying around. Cooked meat, rice, random veggies, or noodles can be easily turned into something new because most of the hard work is already done for you (the cooking)!


  • Thin Cut Anything – Things that are cut small or really thin cook up in a flash. Thin-cut pork chops, chicken and steak can be whipped up in a hot pan with some seasoning in 5 minutes or less. Grab a bunch when they’re on sale and freeze a bunch so you’ll always have a fast protein to cook even on your busiest of nights.


  • Enlist Help – Kids need to be helping in the kitchen (depending on their age) they can all do certain tasks. Peel potatoes, chop veggies, set and clear the table, load the dishwasher, take out the trash, etc. You shouldn’t be the only person in the house doing chores. lol ;) It’s a great life lesson for kiddos. And essential to take some of the burden off your shoulders.


  • Simplicity Is Key – There’s no need to make a 4 course meal (who’s got time for that?) during a busy Monday night. Try whipping up a thin cut pork chop (5 mins total), assemble a quick salad (5 mins total) and use up that leftover pot of rice (2 seconds to heat up) to make a delicious and rockstar meal without all the headache and hassle. Even simpler? Make a pb n’ j with a half an avocado, snap peas and some strawberries and call that dinner. Who’s judging here?! Not me!


  • Fire Up The Grill – Grilling is one of the quickest and easiest ways to bring the whole family together for dinner. Preheat the grill, marinate your meat and veggies and all you have to do head over to hang out while everything cooks. What else lets you make dinner, watch the kids on the slip and slide and actually enjoy your beer all in the same time? ;)


  • One Pot Meals RULE! – You know slow cooker meals rock my world (here’s a ton of slow cooker recipes), but we also do a ton of quicker meals using the pressure cooker, a huge soup pot or a cast iron skillet. Hello, fast! They are seriously a busy moms life saver.


  • A Well Stocked Pantry ROCKS – Turn canned, jarred, and dry pantry staples into fast meals that take all but 10 minutes to make. That’s even faster than takeout and way healthier. Jarred tomatoes can be sautéed quickly with garlic and onions and a pinch of sugar to make your own homemade marinara. Roasted peppers, artichoke hearts and olives can be chopped, slathered on a roll with some deli meat and grilled to make your own Warmed Muffuleta Sammie. (My kids love these)! Serve with some fruit and a green and call it a night.


  • Be Kind To Yourself – This should’ve probably been #1 but please make sure you’re cutting yourself some slack. We all have good and bad days. So, stop comparing yourself to strangers on the internet and all their “perfect” feeds. If all you have the energy for slathering on peanut butter and jelly with some bread, go for it. #nojudgmenthere Do YOUR best and forget the rest. Remember, we’re all imperfect. Some just hide it better than others. ;)

Plus, Grab Lots Of Fast Ass Recipes To Kick Kitchen Stress To The Curb Here.




























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